Congregational Survey Results

Strategic Planning Team

Survey Results

February 1, 2024


The Strategic Planning Team has been exploring and pursuing the options that were suggested by the Congregational Survey results. The team is very grateful for the participation and responses from the congregation.  The responses from the survey were beneficial as the initial steps in planning for Delta’s future. Upon reviewing the survey responses it was apparent that the congregation was open for the consideration and exploration of various paths for the future. Thus, the survey served as a valuable resource for this journey. The next step was the team completing the Presbyterian Foundation Project Regeneration which involved reading The Sailboat Church and committing to the 40 days of prayerful consideration of where God may be leading us. This experience deepened the team’s commitment to listening and prayerfully considering what God’s plan may be. The Strategic Planning team is currently working on concrete options with the belief that God is in the lead. As the Strategic Planning Team continues on this journey we rely on our guiding principles: “God is for us; God is at work in us, through us, and around us; and God’s got our backs”.


The Congregational Survey results are available:

  • 1.   On Delta’s website:
  • 2.   On the Commitment Center
  • 3.   If you have questions or have trouble obtaining a copy, please speak to one of the Strategic Planning Team Members: Doug Dykstra, Art Kelley, Nancy Ellis, Bonnie Reemsnyder, Chuck Jennings, Jim Dexter, Jane Thomas, Betty Gaffney, Sue Settle, Jon Vogler or Meredith Jackson.