Our Vision

Delta Presbyterian Church is committed to ...

Strengthening Christ in us,

      Sharing Christ among us,    

            Showing Christ around us.

We strive to "...live lives that are worthy of the Lord and pleasing to him in every way; by producing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God..." Colossians 1:10 (CEB)

Our Logo

The intertwining of the cross and the delta represent our relationship with Christ. We are dependent on Christ, who accompanies us on our journey. The words around the delta are the key words in our vision statement. "Strengthening" is on the bottom as it is our foundation. 

Delta (Δ) stands for change in science and difference in mathematics. Through the years:

  • Delta has been and continues to be open to new ministries and new ways of doing things
  • We have made a difference in the community, through extensive giving and mission projects. Delta Presbyterian makes a difference in so many ways.
  • The delta of a river is a place of fertility, where growth occurs. It is a port of entry, and a place of new beginning. Delta has been a place for people to come and grow.

Elements of the Vision

Strengthening Christ in us

Our relationship with Christ is the foundation for all we do. As followers of Christ, we are called to give our time and effort to strengthen our relationship through prayer, worship, Bible study, small groups, and other forms of spiritual discipline. We are able to move out into the world from this foundation.

Sharing Christ among us

The community of Delta Presbyterian Church provides us with the necessary care to perform the work of the church in the greater community. Through our care for each other, the love of Jesus is shared, whether it is through a Deacon visit, a meal brought in time of illness, or a hug during the passing of the peace.

Showing Christ around us

We show the love of Christ to the community around us through our mission outreach. We go out into the community through our programs, like Kids Hope USA and Friday Night Fun. We give hope to the community through monetary donations to organizations. We show Christ to the world in the way we live and deal with the challenges of life. Most of all, we become Christ in the world as members of his body, the church.

Our vision statement propels us into an exciting future. We commit to strengthening Christ in us, sharing Christ among us, and showing Christ around us in Lansing, in Michigan, and beyond!