Community Forum

Living Christianity: Challenging Conversations The Greater Lansing Justice League

On Sunday, September 10, at 4:00 pm we will host a community forum. The founder of the Justice League, Willye Bryan, and president, Prince Solace will be here to talk about both the need and what we can do to begin to repair the breach. This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference, to move beyond words to actions.

Recently I was at First Presbyterian Church in Lansing to hear a presentation on the work of the Justice League of Greater Lansing.

Their mission statement:

The Justice League of Greater LansingMichigan exists to repair the breach caused by the historical damage of slavery
and its aftermath. In the spirit of repentance for the sin of racism, we seek to build relationships and facilitate reparations
between houses of worship and collaborative partners to increase wealth equity for African Americans in the Greater Lansing Area.

What I find exciting about this is that it goes beyond talking about the realities and continuing existence of racism to doing something, to joining with the Justice League to begin to repair the inequities that have come about as a result of slavery, Jim Crow, and so much more. This is the opportunity to do something to repair the breach, to offer a hand up to our neighbors as they seek to do the things that are more challenging because of the struggles that come with being an African American today.

First Presbyterian of Lansing and Holt Presbyterian Church provided leadership and support to get this started.


Pastor Wendy