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The Rainbow Promise

Posted by Wendy Pratt on OP2er @ 2:48 PM

It can be downright depressing to read the news:  The Mueller investigation is issuing more indictments and receiving more guilty pleas.  A school shooting in Florida resulted in 17 deaths.  Civilians are dying in Syria.  Terrorist bombings continue.  Storms continue to wreak havoc.  In the midst of it all, it is easy to wonder where God is.  It can be easy to give up on the world.  We might even wonder if God has given up on the world.

There was a time when God did give up on the world.  Genesis 6 tells us that God regretted creating humanity and decided to start fresh.  Noah and his family were saved through the ark that Noah built, also preserving 2 of each kind of animal.  It rained for 40 days, and those who were not on the ark were drowned. 

After the flood waters receded, God made a covenant with Noah, his family, and all future generations.  God promised to never again destroy all creatures with a flood.  The rainbow is a reminder to God (and to us) of this promise God made.  It is a bow, a weapon, pointed away from us. 

Many years ago, as I was dealing with the discouragement that comes with being the pastor of a church in the inner city of Gary, Indiana, I realized that the rainbow was a sign of God’s promise to never give up on us.  I believe this is a message we need to hear, claim, and proclaim in our world today.  If God isn’t giving up on us, how can we? 

In the midst of discouragement, look for the signs of hope.  Look for signs of God at work in the world.  I see signs of hope in the increasing activism and awareness of our citizens.  People are taking more of an interest in what is going on in government, which can strengthen government and make it more responsive to the people.  High school students are speaking out and taking on the issue of school shootings.  Women and men are speaking out against abuse.  Pharmaceutical companies are responding to public outcry and modifying the way they market opioids. 

As we face life’s many challenges, God doesn’t give up on us.   With as many ways as we find to sin, God doesn’t give up on us.  Let’s claim the rainbow promise and work with God to bring the hope of God’s love and grace into a hurting world. 

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