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As I’ve followed the election this year, I’ve seen numerous essays explaining why Christians can’t vote for Trump or why Christians can’t vote for Clinton.  I’ve seen articles questioning whether someone is really a Christian if they are supporting a particular candidate. 

I know how I intend to vote.  I am confident that I will be voting for the candidate that best reflects my Christian faith.  I have come to this conclusion after careful study of the candidates and their platforms, and after prayerful consideration as to how they align with what I understand to be the Christian message.  However, even after all this reflection, I am aware of the reality that I could be wrong.  I am an imperfect human being trying to understand the perfect God. 

Just as I want people to respect the decision I have made and the sincerity of my belief that this is what God wants, I need to be willing to respect the decision of others and the sincerity of their belief.  Yes, I believe they are wrong, but they believe they are right, and just as I need to be faithful to my beliefs and understanding of God, they need to be faithful to their beliefs and understanding of God. 

Even with our deep divisions, there are things Christians share in common, despite our differences:

  • We all want what’s best for this country.
  • We all believe our chosen candidate is the better choice.
  • We all trust in God.
  • We all want God’s will to be done in this country. 

I also believe there are things on which we can come together:

  • Pray that God would guide us as we go to the voting booths.
  • Pray that the outcome of the election would reflect God’s will for this country.
  • Pray that we would come together to respect the outcome of the election.
  • Pray that God would guide those who are elected. 

I admit, if my candidate loses, it will be hard to believe that the outcome is God’s will for the country.  However, I trust in God, so I believe God can use the outcome of this election, whatever it may be, to work good for us all.  I know that my security comes from God, and it will still come from God whoever wins this election.  I hope that is something we can all remember. 

I humbly suggest that it is time for us to come together in prayer for our country and for one another.  “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.”  Let’s set aside the judgement, fear, and hate to focus on love and prayer.  That is how we will transform this country. 


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