#01 - Introduction to the Bible 1Layman's Bible Commentary 
#02 - Genesis 2Layman's Bible Commentary 
#03 - Exodus 3Layman's Bible Commentary 
#04 - Leviticus/Numbers 4Layman's Bible Commentary 
#05 - Deuteronomy/Joshua 5Layman's Bible Commentary 
#06 - Judges/Ruth/1,2 Samuel 6Layman's Bible Commentary 
#07 - 1,2 Kings, 1,2 Chronicles 7Layman's Bible Commentary 
#08 - Ezra, Nehemia, Esther, Job 8Layman's Bible Commentary 
#09 - Psalms 9Layman's Bible Commentary 
#10 - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon 10Layman's Bible Commentary 
#11 - Isaiah 11Layman's Bible Commentary 
#12 - Jeremiah, Lamentations 12Layman's Bible Commentary 
#13 - Ezekiel/Daniel 13Layman's Bible Commentary 
#14 - Hosea/Joel/Amos/Obadiah/Jonah 14Layman's Bible Commentary 
#15 - Micah/Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah 15Layman's Bible Commentary 
#16 - Matthew 16Layman's Bible Commentary 
#17 - Mark 17Layman's Bible Commentary 
#18 - Luke 18Layman's Bible Commentary 
#19 - John 19Layman's Bible Commentary 
#20 - Acts of the Apostles 20Layman's Bible Commentary 
#21 - Romans/1,2 Corinthians 21Layman's Bible Commentary 
#22 - Galatians/Ephesians/Philippians/Colossians 22Layman's Bible Commentary 
#23 - Thessalonians/1,2 Timothy/Titus/Philemon 23Layman's Bible Commentary 
#24 - Hebrews/James/1,2 Peter 24Layman's Bible Commentary 
#25 - 1,2,3 John/Jude/Revelation 25Layman's Bible Commentary 
(The) Word 26Wallace, Irving 
1 Peter, Tyndale New Testament Commentaries 27Grudem, Wayne 
101 ways to simplify your Life 28Borthwick, Paul 
2001 Worship Conference in Korea 29  
2004 Mission Yearbook 30  
3,285 Bible questions and answers 31Filipi, Emily 
30 Days to a New You 32Larson, Bruce 
40 Days of Purpose 33Warren, Rich 
40 Days of Purpose 34Warren, Rick 
40 Days of Purpose (Transcript to Video) 35Warren, Rick 
40 Days of Purpose: Campaign Overview 36Warren, Rick 
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth 37The Earthworks Group 
A baby is coming. English and Spanish text. 38Flegal, Daphna 
A Bible History 39Martin, William 
A Brief History of Presbyterians 40Loetscher 
A closer walk 41Marshall, Catherine 
A commentary of the holy Bible (complete in one volume) 42Drummelow, J.R. (editor) 
A Dangerous Game 43Massi, Jeri 
A Day in Your Presence 44Hazard, David 
A deepening love affair 45Thibault, Jane 
A delirious summer 46Blackstone, Ray 
A Family Is a Circle of People who Love you 47Jasinek 
A grace disguised 48Sittser, Gerald 
A History of Delta Presbyterian Church: 1975 - 2000 49Betty McDowell (Ed.) 
A King for Brass Cobweb 51Watkins 
A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer 52Keller, W. Phillip 
A Life of Your Own 53LaBarre, Harriet 
A Light to my Path 54Austin, Lynn 
A Man Called Blessed 55Bright, Bill 
A Man Called Norman 56Adkins, Mike 
A Mandate for Mentoring 57Hendricks, Dr. Howard 
A moment of weakness 58Kingsbury, Karen 
A plate of hot toast 59Lockerbie, Jeannette 
A restoration novel: Last Light 60Blackstock, Terri 
A rooted sorrow 61Hedberg, Nancy 
A searching heart 62Oke, Janette 
A second touch 63Miller, Keith 
A sense of Sexuality 64Whitehead, Evelyn Eaton 
A shepherd looks at Psalm 23 65Keller, Phillip 
A short history of Christianity in the Apostolic age 66Gilbert, George Holley PhD. 
A Simple, Decent Place to Live 67Fuller, Millard 
A sourcebook for Christian Worship 68McElroy, Paul S. 
A time for fitness 69Carlton, Fran 
A touch of his love 70Stanley, Charles 
A touch of his peace 71Stanley, Charles 
A whisper and a fish 72Gunn, Robin Jones 
A window to heaven 73Komp, Diane 
A woman named Damaris 74Oke, Janette 
Abandoned 75Massi, Jeri 
ABC's of the Bible 76Reader's Digest 
Abide in Christ 77Murray, Andrew 
Abortion: Pro-Life by Conviction 78Exley, Richard 
Abraham and his big family 79Walton, John 
Absolute Surrender 80Murray, Andrew 
Adrenalin & Stress 81Hart, Archibald 
Adult Children of Fairly Functional Parents 82Freeman, Becky 
Adventure at hidden haven ranch 83Erickson, Mary 
Adventure Dramas: Seeing the Unseen Christ 84  
Afraid No More 99Wright, H. Norman 
After the wedding 100Yancey, Philip 
Against the Night 101Colson, Charles 
Against the Night. Living in the New Ages. 102Colson, Charles 
All Aboard Noah's Ark 103Josephs 
All night, all day, angels watching over me. 104Bence, Evelyn (editor) 
All That Glitters 105Cook, Coleen 
All the Bibles Men of Hope 106Deen, Edith 
Alleluia affair 107Boyd, Malcom 
America's God and Country - Encyclopedia of Quotations 108Federer, William 
An untimely loss: A passage to the gentle side of grief 109Zelenka, Linda 
And the Angels were silent 110Lucado, Max 
And the Shofar Blew 111Rivers, Francine 
Angel in my Backpack 112Carney, Mary Lou 
Angels in Faded Jeans 114Witte, Karen 
Angels of Light 115Freeman; Hobart 
Angels watching over me 116Bence, Evelyn (editor) 
Angels: They are with us always 117Price, Hope 
Angles A to Z 118Lewis, James 
Angry 119Barsuhn 
Answering God: The Psalms as tools for prayer 120Peterson, Eugene 
Answers to Life's Problems 121Graham, Billy 
Answers to Your Family's Financial Questions 122Burkett, Larry 
Anthony, Susan - Failure is impossible: Susan B. Anthony in her own words 123Sherr, Lynn 
Applause of heaven 124Lucado, Max 
Arch Books: A garden and a promise 125  
Arch Books: Abraham, Sarah and the promised son 126  
Arch Books: Adam and his family 127  
Arch Books: Amrah and the living water 128  
Arch Books: Clem, the clumsy camel 129  
Arch Books: God, I've gotta talk to you! 130Uennings, Anne 
Arch Books: Good Samaritan 131  
Arch Books: Jesus 12 disciples 132  
Arch Books: Jesus' second family 133  
Arch Books: Jon and the little lost lamb 134  
Arch Books: Mary's Story 135  
Arch Books: Noah's Ark 136  
Arch Books: Ruth and Naomi 137  
Arch Books: The boy who gave his lunch away 138  
Arch Books: The day the little children came 139  
Arch Books: The fisherman's surprise 140  
Arch Books: The great escape. 141  
Arch Books: The great promise 142  
Arch Books: The little boat that almost sank 143  
Arch Books: The Lord's prayer 144  
Arch Books: The Man caught by a Fish 145Brem, M. M. 
Arch Books: The Man who changed his name 146  
Arch Books: The man who learned to give 147  
Arch Books: The princess and the baby 148  
Arch Books: The Queen who saved her people 149  
Arch Books: The seeds that to be a hundred 150  
Arch Books: The sermon on the mountain 151  
Arch Books: The Wicked Trick 152  
Arch Books: The World God made 153  
Arch Books: Through a needle's eye 154  
Arch Books: Water that caught on fire 155  
Armageddon 156LaHaye, Tim 
Milford Series #01: At home in Mitford 157Karon, Jan 
At the Cross 158Bauckham, Richard 
Atlas of the Bible 159  
Azinger, Paul - Zinger 160Azinger, Paul 
Baby Choice: with Melody Green 161  
Baby farm animals 162Williams, Garth 
Back to Your Spiritual Future 163Bell, Steve 
Baptism: Conscience and clue for the Church 164Carr, Warren 
Basic Christianity 165Stott, John 
Bayh, Marvella - Marvella: A personal journey 166Bayh, Marvella 
Be a real teen! 167Wiersbe, Warren 
Be Alive 168Wiersbe, Warren W. 
Be happy attitudes 170Schuller, Robert 
Be Happy You are Loved 171Schuller, Robert 
Beautiful Bible Stories 172Martin, Patricia 
Beauty from ashes 173Price, Eugenia 
Becoming a contagious Christian 174Hybels, Bill 
Becoming a man of God's word 175Wilkinson, Bruce 
Becoming a Super Parent 176Wilt, Joy 
Bedtime Bible Stories for Children 177Fernandez, Peter 
Bedtime Bible story book 178Hurlbut, Jesse L. 
Before you call, I will answer 179Redding, David 
Bell, Dr. L. Nelson - Foreign devil in China 180Pollock, John 
Bell, Steve & Valerie - Coming Back 181Bell, Steve & Valerie 
Benjamin Brody's Backyard Bag 182Wezeman 
Bernall, Cassie - She said yes: The unlikely martyrdom of Cassie Bernall 183Bernall, Misty 
Beside every great Dad 184Swihart, Nancy 
Best loved poems of all time 185Hallmark 
Best of Friends 186Walley, Susan 
Best of the Best: TBN Favorites 187  
Better Health 188Roberts, Oval 
Between Women of God: The Gentle Art of Mentoring 189Otto, Donna 
Beyond codependency: And getting better all the time 190Beattie, Melody 
Beyond ourselves 191Marshall, Catherine 
Beyond Reason 192Robertson, Pat 
Beyond Safe Places 193Senter, Ruth 
Beyond Safe Places 194Senter, Ruth 
Beyond the mirror: Reflections on death and life 195Nouwen, Henri 
Bible animals 196Bible Resource Collection 
Bible Handbook 197Halley, Henry 
Bible Lands 198  
Bible power for successful living 199Peale, Norman Vincent 
Bible Stories for Children 200Horn, Geoffrey 
Bible Stories for Children: Exiting Adventures 201Demaree, Doris Clore 
Biblical Equipping: God's Word in Your World 209Paap, David 
Big Fisherman 210Douglas, Lloyd 
Billy Graham Talks to Teenagers 211Graham, Billy 
Black 212Dekker, Ted 
Bless this house 213Bryant, Anita 
Blessed child 214Bright, Bill 
Blink 215Dekker, Ted 
Blister Lamb 216Barrett 
Blood Covenant 217Franzese, Michael 
Blood of heaven 218Myers, Bill 
Blue jeans theology of James 219Shifflett, Alvin 
Bonhoeffer Dietrich - Makers of the Modern Theological Mind 221Roark, Dallas 
BOO 222Gutteridge, Rene 
Boo Hiss 223Gutteridge, Rene 
Boo Who 224Gutteridge, Rene 
Book of Confessions 225Presbyterian Church (USA) 
Book of Hope 226Book of Hope 
Book of Order 2007/2009 229Presbyterian Church (USA) 
Bookends 231Higgs, Liz C. 
Books of Genesis 232Fritsch 
Boone, Pat - A New Song 233Boone, Pat 
Boone, Shirley - One Woman's Liberation 234Boone, Shirley 
Boundaries 235Cloud 
Boundaries with kids 236Cloud, Henry 
Brave Johnny O'Hare 237Heady, Eleanor 
Brighten the Corner 238Goodrich 
Broken on the Back Row 239Patty, Sandi 
Building a Contagious Church 240Mittelberg, Mark 
Burden of truth: defending truth in an age of unbelief 241Colson, Charles 
Bush, George W. - A Man of Faith 242Aikman, David 
Bush, George W. - The Faith of George W. Bush 243Mansfield, Stephen 
Business by the Book 244Burkett, Larry 
Buzz Bee 247Barrett 
By My Hands 248Gansky, Alton 
C. I. crisis intervention 249Ruben, Harvey, M.D. 
Call to discipleship 250Ortiz, Juan 
Can I be a Christian Without Being Weird? 251Johnson, Kevin 
Cape Refuge Series #1: Cape Refuge 252Blackstock, Terri 
Cape Refuge Series #2: Southern Storm 253Blackstock, Terri 
Cape Refuge Series #3: River's Edge 254Blackstock, Terri 
Captive Treasure 255Howard, Milly 
Care of the Soul 256Moore, Thomas 
Carlson, Paul - Christian martyrdom in the Congo 257Dowdy, Homer 
Carolina's Courage 258Yates, Elizabeth 
Carpe Diem 259Campolo, Tony 
Carry Me 260Wyrtzen, Christine 
Carter Jimmy - An hour before daylight: Memories of a rural boyhood 261Carter, Jimmy 
Carter, Jimmy - Sharing Good Times 262Carter, Jimmy 
Caught 263  
CBN ministry handbook 264Robertson, Pat 
Celebrate Joy! 265Daniels, Velma S. 
Celebrate the Season 266Hunt 
Celebrate yourself 267Cannon, Bryan 
Celebration of Discipline: The path to Spiritual Growth 268Foster, Richard 
Celtic Cry: The Heart of a Martyr 269Ward, Matthew 
Change points: When we need Him most. 270Landorf, Joyce 
Changed hearts 271Prison Fellowship Ministeries 
Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul 272Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Chicken Soup for the Country Soul 273Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Chicken soup for the golden soul 274Canfield, Jack 
Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 275Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Chicken Soup for the Soul 276Canfield, Jack 
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Cookbook 277Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Chicken Soup for the Soul II 278Canfield, Jack 
Chicken Soup for the Soul III 279Canfield, Jack 
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul 280Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul II 281Canfield, Jack (and others) 
Children at risk 282Dobson, James Dr. 
Children of divorce 283Dycus, Jim and Barbara 
Childress, Robert - Man who moved a mountain 284Davids, Richard 
Chocolate malts and nickel sodas 285Johnson, Margaret 
Christ's Coming for His Church #3 286Walvoord, John 
Christian Caregiving 287Haugk, Kenneth 
Christian Caregiving, a Way of Life 288Haugk, Kenneth 
Christian Life - New Testament with Psalms 289Billy Graham Evang. Assoc. 
Christians together 290Frohne 
Christmas is always 291Rogers, Dale Evans 
Christmas Story 292Werner, Jane 
Christy 293Marshall, Catherine 
Christy 294Marshall, Catherine 
Church in Korea, History & Today 295  
Church, Why Bother? My Personal Pilgrimage 296Yancey, Philip 
Claire, Sylvia - A Change of Heart 297Sylvia, Claire 
Closer Than My Shadow 298Hanny, Diane 
Collector's edition Storybook: The Prince of Egypt 299  
Come and see what God has done 300  
Come and see what God has done: A book of testimony. 301Eddy, David, Ed. 
Come the Morning 302  
Come worship with me: A journey through the Church year 303Boling, Ruth 
Comforting one another in life's sorrows 304Mains, Karen 
Common Sense Intuition and God's Guidance 305Knippers, C. Christopher 
Company of the Committed 306Trueblood, Elton 
Complete financial guide for young couples 307Burkett, Larry 
Confessions of a Totaled Woman 308Wise, Karen 
Confident Children and How They Grow 309Strauss, Richard 
Confronting Casual Christianity 310Stanley, Charles 
Confronting the New Age 311Groothuis, Douglas 
Connecting: Healing for ourselves and our relationships 312Crabb, Larry 
Could you not tarry one hour? 313Lea, Larry 
Courage by Darkness 314Massi, Jeri 
Courage of Carol 315Schuller, Robert 
Crucified and crowned 317Barclay, William 
Cry from the mountain 318  
Cry justice: the Bible on hunger and poverty 319Sider, Ronald 
Curry, Dana & Mercer, Heather - Prisoners of Hope 320Curry, Dana 
Cutting the Cord 321Lewis, Vern C. Dr. 
Daddy's home at last 322Singletary, Mike 
Daily Celebration 323Barcley, William 
Daily Celebration 324Barclay 
Daily light 325Bagster, Samuel 
Daily thoughts on living free 326Coyle, Neva 
Danger on 7th Street 327Thomas, Jerry D. 
Daniel Faithful Captive 328Heath, Lou 
Daniel the Beloved of Jehovah 329  
Darcy 330Tada, Joni Eareckson 
Dare to Discipline 331Dobson, James Dr. 
Dare to Share (Guide) 332  
Dating: Guidelines from the Bible 334Kirby, Scott 
David - David: A man of passion and destiny 335Swindoll, Charles 
David the King 336Schmitt, Gladys 
Day Christ Died 337Bishop 
Dead Sea Scrolls 339Wilson 
Deadline: A novel. 340Alcorn, Randy 
Deceived: A signal from within 341  
Delighting God: How to live at the center of God's will 342Kennedy, D. James 
Descending into Greatness 343Hybels, Bill 
Desire of the Everlasting Hills 344Cahill, Thomas 
Destiny and deliverance: Spiritual insights from the life of Moses 345Yancey, Philip 
Devotions for Families That Can't Sit Still 346Williford, Carolyn 
Diane - These tears are for Diane 347Bristol, Goldie 
Disappointment with God 348Yancey, Philip 
Disciplines for the Christian Man: Practical Steps ... 349Beltz, Dr. Bob 
Disciplines of a godly man 350Hughes, R. Kent 
Discover your God-given gifts 351Fortune, Don & Katie 
Divorced! 352Stewart, Suzanne 
Do you know where your children are? 353Benton, John 
Dobson, James - Dr. Dobson: Turning hearts toward home 354Zettersten, Rolf 
Dominion 355Alcorn, Randy 
Don't check your brains at the door 356McDowell, Josh 
Don't die in winter 357Thomspson, Millicent, Dr. 
Don't hang around with the wrong crowd 358Berry, Joy Wilt 
Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something 359Dunn, Ronald 
Don't let jerks get the best of you. Advise for dealing with ... 360Meier, Paul , M.D. 
Don't Put a Period Where God Put a Comma 361Mohney, Nell 
Double bind 362Cooper, Tofnry L. 
Dr. Dobson answers your questions 363Dobson, James 
Dravecky, Dave & Jan - When You Can't Come Back 364Dravecky, Dave & Jan 
Dravecky, Dave - Comeback 365Dravecky, Dave 
Dropping your guard 366Swindoll, Charles 
Drug-proof your kids 367Arterburn, Stephen 
Drummer in the dark 368Bunn, T. Davis 
Dwellers 369Elwood, Roger 
Each day with Jesus 370Norden, Rudolph 
Eareckson, Joni - A step further 371Eareckson, Joni 
Eareckson-Tada, Joni - Choices, Changes 372Eareckson-Tada 
Early Will I Seek You 373Augustine 
Eating problems for breakfast 374Hansel, Tim 
Edge of adventure: An experiment in faith 375Miller, Keith 
Edge of Eternity 376Alcorn, Randy 
Eerdman's Handbook to the Bible 377  
Egermeier's bible story book 378Egermeier, Elsie 
Eli: A novel. 379Myers, Bill 
Elijah - Elijah: A man of heroism and humility 380Swindoll, Charles 
elixir 381Bunn, David 
Elizabeth and Charly visit the Holy Land 382Humbard, Rex 
Embraced by the light 383Eadie, Betty 
Encourage me 385Swindoll, Charles 
Encouragement: A wife's special gift 386Ward, Ruth McRoberts 
Epistle of Paul to the galations 387Erdman, Charles 
Escape down the raging rapids 388Roddy, Lee 
Escape from Ephesus. A novel of the 1st century. 389Webb, Lance 
Escape from the Island of Aquarius 390Peretti, Frank 
Escape from witchcraft 391Blankenship, Roberta 
Escape the coming night 392Jeremiah, David 
Escaping Anger 393Bevere, Lisa 
Esther - Esther: A woman of strength and dignity 394Swindoll, Charles 
Every Good Thing 397Helleberg, Marilyn 
Every life is a plan of God: Discovering His will for your life 398Sanders, J. Oswald 
Every Perfect Gift 399Nye, Julie 
Everyday Evangelism 400Eisenmann, Tom L. 
Everyday life in Bible times 401  
Explo Story 402Eshleman, Paul 
Extreme Answers to Life's Tough Questions 403Extreme Faith 
Facing death and the life after 404Graham, Billy 
Faith Alive 405Meckel, Aaron 
Faith Goals 406Williams, Dave 
Fallen Angel 407Elwood, Roger 
Falling into the Big L: Love and Sexuality on the way to adulthood 408Sandvig, Karen 
False Assumptions 409Cloud, Henry 
Fame 410Kingsbury, Karen 
Family Bible Cards 411Grolier (Publisher) 
Famous Stories from the Bible: Noah and the Ark 412Froebel, Kan 
Famous Stories from the Bible: The Good Samaritan 413  
Fast Break: Heroes of the NBA 414Janssen, Al 
Fasting 415Hagin, Kenneth 
Fatal Addiction: Ted Bundy's final interview 416Dobson, James 
Father memories 417Carlson, Randy 
Fight for the family 418Briscoe, Jill 
Fighting for Life 419Shaefer, Brenda Pratt 
Finding purpose in a world adrift 420Lucado, Max 
Finding Rest in a Stressed-Out World 421Lucado, Max 
Finding the heart to go on 422Anderson, Lynn 
Fire by Night 423Austin, Lynn 
Fire of heaven 424Myers, Bill 
Fire upon the earth 425Langford, Norman 
First Light: The AD Chronicles Book # 1 426Thoene, Bodie 
Five cries of grief: One family's journey to healing ... 427Strommen, Merton 
Five Cries of Youth 428Strommen, Merton 
Five cries of youth 429Strommen, Merton 
Five Loaves and Two Fish 430Singleton 
Five Small Loaves 431Stortz 
Flabbergasted 432Blackstone, Ray 
Flying Closer to the Flame 433Swindoll, Charles 
Food for the soul 434Gambill, Andres ed. 
For Better or for Best - Revised Edition 435Smalley, Gary 
For Every Child a Star 436Yeomans, Thomas 
For the love of my daughter (A mother's bittersweet story) 437Ton, Mary Ellen 
Forgiven 438Kingsbury, Karen 
Foxe's book of martyrs 439Foxe, John 
Foxe's Christian Martyrs of the world 440Foxe, John 
Freddie the leaf 441Buscaglia 
Fresh elastic for stretched out moms 442Johnson, Barbara 
Fresh Power 443Cymbala, Jim 
Fresh wind, fresh fire 444Cymbala, Jim 
Friend of the Lonely Heart 445McDowell, Josh 
Friends are Friends Forever 446Hurley, Pat 
Friends Help Me 447Morris 
From bondage to bonding: Escaping codependency, embracing biblical love 448Groom, Nancy 
From Understanding the Resurrection 449Beckmann, Beverly Ann 
Frost Family - Wally - Yes we can 450Frost, Wally 
Fun n Games 451Rice, Wayne 
Gentle persuasion 452Aldrich, Joseph 
Getting through the going-through stage 472Schuller, Robert A. 
Gideon's torch 473Colson, Charles 
Gifts your kids can't break 474Chapman, Steve 
Ginger and the Glacier Express 475Johnston, Dorothy 
Glad to Be Me 476Floyd 
Glorious Appearing - The end of days 477LaHaye, Tim 
Glorious folly 478DeWohl, Louis 
God at Eventide 479Russell, A. J. 
God calling 480Russell, A. J. 
God came near 481Lucado, Max 
God Can Do it Again & Lessons in Successful Living 482Kuhlmann, Kathryn 
God cares when somebody hurts me 483Murphy, Elspeth Campbell 
God is closer than you think 484Ortberg, John 
God is Everywhere 485Whaley, Harold 
God is my friend 486Beers 
God made me most wonderfully 487Sattgast, L. J. 
God so loved 488Baxter, J. Sidlow 
God uses cracked pots 489Clairmont, Patsy 
God's Easter Plan 490Greene, Carol 
God's Most Precious Jewels are Crystallized Tears 491Johnson, Barbara 
God's Plan (New Testament) 492New Living Translation 
God's Psychiatry 493Allen, Charles 
God's secret 494Hunter, Elizabeth M. 
God's World & Me 495Floyd 
God, I've gotta talk to you! 496Jennings, Anne 
God, the Atom and the Universe 497Reid, James 
Golden Book: Christmas Story 498Werner, Jane 
Golden Books: About God 499Watson, Jane Werner 
Golden Books: Bible Stories of Boys and Girls 500Werner, Jane 
Golden Books: David and Goliath 501Hazen, Barbara Shock 
Golden Books: Prayers for Children 502  
Golden Books: Stories of Jesus 503Richards, Jean H. 
Good and perfect gift 504Bacigalupa 
Good families don't just happen 505Musco Garcia-Prats, Catherine 
Good grief 506Westberg, Granger 
Good morning, Holy Spirit 507Hinn, Benny 
Good News Bible - Today's English Version 508  
Good News for Modern Man (New Testament), Today's English Version 509  
Good-bye High Schook, Hello College 510Willimon, William 
Gospel of John 513Barclay, William 
Graham, Franklin - Living beyond the limits: A life in sync with God 514Graham, Franklin 
Graham, Franklin - Rebel with a cause 515Graham, Franklin 
Grandpa Doesn't Know 516Guthrie 
Great Age of Discovery 517Herman 
Great people of the Bible 524  
Great People of the Bible and how they lived 525Reader's Digest 
Great texts of the Bilble Vol. 20 REVELATION 526Hastings, James, ed. 
Greatest Book ever written: The old testament story. 528Oursler, Fulton 
Greatest Story Ever Told 529Oursler, Fulton 
Gregory the Grubb 530Barrett 
Growing strong inside 531Davis, Jennie 
Growing through divorce 532Smoke, Jim 
Guide to confident living 533Peale, Norman Vincent 
Halloween & Satanism 534Phillips, Robie 
Halloween: Is It Real? 535Myra 
Handbook of Public prayer 536Geffen, Roger 
Handling Ups & Downs 537Wilt 
Hangman's curse (The Veritas Project #1) 538Peretti, Frank 
Happiness is an inside job 539Powell, John 
Having a Mary heart in a Martha world 540Weaver, Joanna 
He began with Eve - Irregular People 541Landorf, Joyce 
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 542White, Paula 
He still moves stones 543Lucado, Max 
He Touched Me 544Powell, John 
Healer of the mind 545Johnson, Paul - editor 
Healing the Hurt 546Tickfer, Mildred 
Hearing ear 547Lea, Larry 
Hearing God 548Lord, Peter 
Heart of Stone 549Haworth, John 
Heart of things 550Beattie, Nathaniel 
Heaven's wager 551Dekker, Ted 
Heaven/Now 552Brandt, Leslie 
Help is just around the corner 553Gulker, Virgil 
Help, Lord! I'm Hospitalized 554Hamer 
Helping children cope with death 555Dodd, Robert 
Helping Children Grieve: When someone they love dies 556Huntley, Theresa 
Helping People Through Grief 557Kuenning 
Hershiser, Orel - Out of the blue 561Hershiser, Orel 
Hey, Preach - You're Coming Through 562Wilkerson, David 
Hillsides of heaven 563McConkey, F. Paul 
Hilltop verses and prayers 564Cushman, Ralph Spaulding 
Hinds feet on high (An allegory) 565Hurnard, Hannah 
Hinn, Benny - Good morning, Holy Spirit 566Hinn, Benny 
History of Christian Thought 567McGiffert, Arthur 
Hold me up a little longer, Lord 569Holmes, Marjorie 
Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God 570Frangipane, Francis 
Holy Bible. Contemporary English Version 571  
Holy Bible. King James Version 572  
Holy Bible. New Living Translation (Text Preview) 573  
Holy Bible. New Revised Standard Version 574  
Holy Humor 575Samra, Cal and Rose 
Home by Choice 576Hunter, Brenda 
Homecoming 577Haminer, Earl, Jr. 
Hometown legend 578Jenkins, Jerry B. 
Honest to God? 579Hybels, Bill 
Hope for the troubled heart 580Grahams, Billy 
Hope for troubled marriages: Overcoming common problems and .. difficulties 581Worthington, Everett, Jr. 
Hope in Hurtful Times 582Swindoll, Charles 
How can we serve Christ and one another better? 583Presbytery of Lake Michigan 
How far to Bethlehem? 584Lofts, Norah 
How now shall we live? 585Colson, Charles 
How the Irish saved civilization 586Cahill, Thomas 
How They Lived in Bible Times 587Jones, Graham 
How to be a people helper 588Collins, Dr. Gary 
How to be a World Class Christian 589Borthwick, Paul 
How to Beat Burnout 590Minirth-Meier Clinic 
How to become a Christian 591Shoemaker, Samuel 
How to fear God without beind afraid of Him 592New, P. 
How to feel like somebody again 593Galloway, Dale 
How to give away your Faith 594Little, Paul E. 
How to handle adversity 595Stanley, Charles 
How to Help Your Child Survive and Thrive in Public School 596Schimmels, Cliff 
How to listen to God 597Stanley, Charles 
How to make positive imaging work for you 598Peale, Norman Vincent 
How to Make the Enemy Run 599Hill, E. V. Rev. 
How to pray 600Torrey, R. A. 
How to pray for your children 601Sherrer, Quin 
How to Really Know Your Child 602Campbell, Ross, MD 
How to say no to a stubborn habbit 603Lutzer, Erwin 
How to talk with God. The dynamics of Prayer. 604Winward, Stephen 
Hughes, Karen - Ten Minutes from Normal 605Hughes, Karen 
Hugs For Our New Baby 606Cook 
Hurt and Healing 607Petri, Darlene 
Hyman, B. D. - Narrow is the way 608Hyman, B. D. and Jeremy 
I & II Samuel 609Payne, David 
I Believe 610McGrath, Alister 
I Came to Love You Late 611Landorf, Joyce 
I can pray to God 612Brooks, Sandra 
I Dared to Call Him Father 613Sheikh, Bilguis 
I Found God 614Tonn, Maryjane 
I Go to Church 615Bennett 
I hate witnessing: A handbook for effective Christian communication 616Innes, Dick 
I Just Saw Jesus 617Eshleman, Paul 
I love the Word Impossible 618Kiemel 
I Want a Home with No Problems 619Kesler 
I want to remember: A son's reflection on his mother's Alzheimer journey 620Gray, David 
I wonder ... on the farm 621Buttersworth, Nick 
I wonder why 622Hummel, Ruth 
I wonder, I wonder 623Frey 
I wonder, I wonder 624Frey, Marguerite Kurth 
I'll Always Love You 625Wilhelm, Hans 
I'm glad God thought of mothers 626Cachiaras, Dot 
I'm Growing 627Klein, Sara G. 
I'm Out To Change My World 628Kiemel 
I'm so glad you told me what I didn't wanna hear 629Johnson, Barbara 
I've got to talk to somebody, God 630Holmes, Marjorie 
I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God & No Pet Answers 631Holmes, Marjorie 
If Everybody Did 632Stover 
If God is so Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad? 633Biebel 
If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open? 634Peterson, Lorraine 
If I should die, if I should live 635Marxhausen, Joanne 
If only he knew 636Smalley, Gary 
If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat 638Ortberg, John 
If Your Parent Drinks Too Much 639Klaus, Tom 
Illustrated Bible dictionary (Nelson's new compact) 640  
Imaging: The powerful way to arrange your life 641Peale, Norman Vincent 
In a Year of Our Lord 642Mullen, John 
In His Image 644Brand 
In His Steps 645Sheldon, Charles 
In light of eternity: Perspectives on heaven 646Alcorn, Randy 
In search of dignity 647Sproul, R.C. 
In Search of Noah's Ark 648Balsiger, Dave 
In sickness and in health 649Perry, Shireen 
In the Beginning 650Josephs 
In the eye of the storm 651Lucado, Max 
In the Grip of Grace 652Lucado, Max 
In the presence of my enemies 653Burnham, Gracia 
Inspire your kids to greatness 654Johnston, Jerry 
Interview with Dr. James Dobson 655Dobson, James 
Intimate Marriage 656Clinebell/Clinebell 
Into Abba's arms: Finding the acceptance you've always wanted 657Wilson, Sandra 
Introduction to the Bible 658Layman's Bible Commentary 
Irregular People 659Heatherly, Joyce L. 
Is gambling a Sin? Program #9517 660  
Israel, My Beloved 661Arthur, Kay 
It was on fire when I lay down on it 662Fulghum, Robert 
It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming 663Campolo, Anthony 
It's Killing Our Kids 664Johnston 
Ivan and the secret in the suitcase 665Grant, Myrna 
Jacob the Baker 666Benshea, Noah 
Jellyfish Can't Swim 671Parker, Marjorie 
Jenny Wren 672Watkins, Dawn 
Jeremy's egg: Love never fails. 673  
Jerusalem Vigil 674Thoene, Bodie 
Jesus 675Anderson, Hugh 
Jesus 676Roddy, Lee 
Jesus 677  
Jesus 678  
Jesus and His Times 679Reader's Digest 
Jesus Goes Away 680  
Jesus Had a Family Just Like Me 681Moore 
Jesus is God's son 682Cambell Murphy, Elspeth 
Jesus Loves Me All the Time 683Watson 
Jesus Teaches on Prayer 684Stedmann, Ray 
Jesus tell us about God 685Murphy, Elspeth 
Jesus the Christ 686Holley 
Jesus through the centuries 687Pelikan, Jaroslav 
Jesus was a child like you 688Cook 
Jesus' Special Helpers 689Rowell 
Jesus, the children's friend 690Lloyd, Mary Edna 
Jesus. Campus Crusade for Christ. 691  
Jesus: A pictorial history of the New Testament 692Weiler, Eugen 
Jewish Literacy 693Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph 
Jimmy 694Whitlow, Robert 
JOB - A Man of Heroic Endurance 695Swindoll, Charles R. 
John the Baptist 696Human 
Joseph 697Landorf, Joyce 
Joseph - Joseph: A man of integrity and forgiveness 698Swindoll, Charles 
Joshua 699Grizone, Joseph 
Joshua & the children 700Grizone, Joseph 
Joshua & the City 701Girzone, Joseph 
Joshua and the Holy Land 702Girzone, Joseph 
Joy breaks 704Clairmont & others 
Joyce, I feel like I know you 705Landorf, Joyce 
Julie 706Marshall, Catherine 
Just between God and Me 707Drescher-Lehman, Sandra 
Just in Case You Ever Wonder 709Lucado, Max 
Just Like Emma 710Wright 
Just Like Emma 711Wright 
Just Like Everybody Else 712Pierson; Jim 
Just like Jesus 713Lucado, Max 
Keeping the faith: Guidance for Christian women facing abuse 718Fortune, Marie 
Keeping Your Body Alive and Well 719Wilt 
Keeping Your Teen in Touch 720Laurent, Robert 
Kiemel Anderson - And With the Gift Came Laughter 723Kiemel Anderson, Ann 
Kiemel Anderson - I Gave God Time 724Kiemel Anderson, Ann 
Kiemel Anderson - Taste of tears 725Kiemel Anderson, Ann 
Kim, Sun-Tae - The river of hope 726Kim, Sun-Tae 
Kinchlow, Ben - Plain bread 727Kinchlow, Ben 
Kingdom come 728Burkett, Larry 
Know and tell the gospel: The how and why of evangelism 730Chapman, John C. 
Koons, Tony - Tony: Our journey together 731Koons, Carolyn 
Korea 732  
Korean Christian Museum at Soongsil University 733Soongsil University 
Korean Church - Past & Present 734  
Korean Cultural Insights 735  
Krentel, Mildred - Melissa Comes Home 736Krentel, Mildred 
Lambs to the Slaughter 737Michaelsen, Johanna 
Lament for a son 738Wolterstorff, Nicholas 
Laugh again 744Swindoll, Charles 
Leadership by the book: Tools to transform your workplace 745Blanchard, Hybels and Hodges 
Leading Little Ones to God 746Schoolland, Marian M. 
Leaking laffs between pampers and depends 747Johnson, Barbara 
Lee, Laurel - Walking Through Fire 748Lee, Laurel 
Leenhouts, Keith - A father .... a son ... and a three mile run 749Leenhouts, Keith 
Left Behind Series #01: Left Behind 750LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #02: Tribulation Force 751LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #03: Nicolae - The Rise of Antichrist 752LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #04: Soul Harvest - The world takes sides 753LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #05: Apollyon - The Destroyer is Unleashed 754LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #06: Assassins. Assignment: Jerusalem, Target:Antichrist 755LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #07: The Indwelling 756LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #08: The Mark: The beast rules the world 757LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #09: Desecration - Antichrist takes the Throne 758LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind Series #10: The Remnant - On the Brink of Armageddon 759LaHaye, Tim 
Left Behind: The movie from the novel Left Behind 760LaHaye 
Legacy of a Pack Rat 761Graham, Ruth 
Leota's garden 764Rivers, Francine 
LeSourd Nancy - No longer the Hero 765LeSourd, Nancy 
Let prayer change your life: How you can release God's power 766Tirabassi, Becky 
Let prayer help you 767Ikerman, Ruth 
Let Us Go to Bethlehem 768Van Woerkom, Dorothy 
Let's travel in the Holy Land 769Geis, Darlene 
Letter to the Hebrews 770Barclay, William 
Letters from a Skeptic 771Boyd, Dr. Gregory 
Letters to Karen, on Keeping Love in marriage 772Shedd, Charlie 
Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on prayer 773Lewis, C. S. 
Letters to Philip 774Shedd, Charlie 
Letters to the Corinthians 775Barclay, William 
Letters to the Phillipians, Colossians and Thessalonians 776Barclay, William 
Life after life (and its sequel) Reflections on life after life 777Moody, Raymond Jr. M.D. 
Life after loss. A personal guide dealing with death, divorce, job change . 778Deits, Bob 
Life and Language in the Old Testament 779Chase 
Life and teaching of Jesus Christ 780Stewart, James 
Life and Times of Herod the Great 781Perone, Stewart 
Life is Goodbye Life is Hello: Grieving well through all kinds of loss 782Bozarth, Alla 
Life on the Edge #01 783Dobson, James 
Life on the Edge #02 784Dobson, James 
Life on the Edge #03 785Dobson, James 
Life on the Edge #04 786Dobson, James 
Life Support 787Whitlow, Robert 
Life together 788Bonhoeffer, Dietrich 
Life Training: Devotions for Parents and Teens 789White, Joe Dr. 
Life-Style Evangelism 790Aldrich, Joseph C. 
Light and the Glory 791Marshall, Peter 
Light at Summer's End 792Ballard, Kimberly 
Light within you 793Claypool, John 
Line of Duty 794Blackstock, Terri 
Listen to the animals 795Coleman, William 
Listening for a God who whispers 796Benson, Peggy 
Little David and the Giant 797Josephs 
Little things in the hands of a big God 798Pulkingham, Betty 
Littlest Angel 799Tazewell 
Live ... He's Been Faithful 800Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir 
Living Bible (paraphrased) 801  
Living Gospel (Four Gospels and Book of Acts paraphrased) 802  
Living in the lion's den without being eaten 803Peel, William Carr 
Living in the lion's den without being eaten 804Peel, William Carr 
Living in the Presence 805Edwards, Tilden 
Living on the Ragged Edge 806Swindoll, Charles 
Living room dialogues 807Greenspun, William 
Living the adventure 808Miller, Keith 
Living Through Personal Griefs 809Stearns 
Living with Zest in and empty Nest 810Kinney, Jean 
Loneliness 811Elliot, Elisabeth 
Long road home 812Green, Wendy 
Lord Foulgrin's letters 813Alcorn, Randy 
Lord of the second advent 814Kemperman, Steve 
Lord Teach me Your ways 815Sorenson, Stephen 
Lord, I haven't talked to you since the last crisis, but ... 816Peterson, Lorraine 
Lost in Rouville 817Blackstone, Ray 
Lost Without a Compass 818  
Love and Laughter 819Holmes, Marjorie 
Love Hunger, Recovery from Food Addiction 820Minirth, Meier 
Love is a Choice 821Minirth-Meier 
Love is a decision 822Smalley, Gary 
Love is a Decision - Video #1 823Smalley, Gary 
Love is a Decision - Video#2 824Smalley, Gary 
Love is Letting Go of Fear 825Jampolsky, Gerald, M.D. 
Love never gives up 826Bill Gaither Trio 
Love's Unending Legacy 827Oke, Janette 
Love, Sex & the Whole Person (Everything you want to know) 828Stafford, Tim 
Loving God 829Colson, Charles 
Lunch is my favorite subject 830Bill, J. Brent 
Luther's Commentary on Genesis - Vol. II 831Luther, Martin 
Luther's Commentary on Genesis, Vol. I 832Luther, Martin 
Lynn, Janet - Peace and Love 833Lynn, Janet 
Magnificent Promise 834Wirt, Sherwood 
Magruder, Jeff - From power to peace 835Magruder, Jeff 
Majestic is your name 836Hazard, David 
Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours 837Leman, Kevin, Dr. 
Making ethical decisions 838Kee, Howard 
Making Love Last Forever 839Smalley, Gary 
Making men whole 840Phillips, J. B. 
Making peace with your parents 841Bloomfield, Harold, M.D. 
Making Room - Recovering Hospitaliy as a Christian Tradition 842Pohl, Christine 
Making Stress Work for You 843Ogilvie, Lloyd 
Making Sunday Special 844Mains, Karen 
Mallory's island 845Harrell, Sara 
Mama, Get the Hammer! 846Johnson, Barbara 
Man from Nazareth 847Fosdick, Henry Emerson 
Man of His Word. New Testament NIV. 848  
Man's search for meaning 849Frankl, Viktor 
Margin 850Swenson, Richard M.D. 
Marshall, Catherine - Meeting God at every turn: A personal family story 851Marshall, Catherine 
Marshall, Peter - Man called Peter: Teh story of Peter Marshall 852Marshall, Catherine 
Mary and Joseph's Home 853  
Mary Mother of Jesus 854Hintze, Barbara 
Master Your Money 855Blue, Ron 
McCartney, Bill - Soldout: Becoming man enough to make a difference 856McCartney, Bill 
Me, an Evangelist? 867McKay, William 
Meaning of Dead Sea scrolls 868Davies, A. Powell 
Meeting Jesus 869Sampson, William 
Men in mid life crises 870Conway, Jim 
Men: Some Assembly Required 871Snyder, Charles 
Mere Christianity 872Lewis, C. S. 
Mere Christianity 873Lewis, C. S. 
Merillat, Orville - His Guiding Hand 874Merillat, Orville 
Mighty is your hand 875Murray, Andrew 
Mind of Jesus 876Barclay, William 
Mine & Yours 877Wilt 
Miracle Book 878Roberts, Orat 
Miracles of Healing 879Roberts, Oval 
Miracles. (How God intervenes in nature and human affairs) 880Lewis, C. S. 
Mission of the church in Central America 881Bendall, George 
Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study: 2002 882Presbyterian Church 
Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study: 2003 883Presbyterian Church 
Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study: 2004 884Presbyterian Church 
Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study: 2005 885Presbyterian Church 
Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study: 2006 886Presbyterian Church 
Mitford Series #02: A light in the Window 887Karon, Jan 
Mitford Series #05: A new song 888Karon, Jan 
Mitford Series #06: A common life 889Karon, Jan 
Money Grows on Trees 890Howard, Alton 
Moninger, Margaret - Educating the women of Hainan ... 1915-1942 891Lodwick, Kathleen 
Moore, Sam - American by choice: The remarkable fulfillment of an immigrant 892Moore, Sam 
More Bible Stories 893Carruth 
More holy humor 894Samra, Cal and Rose 
More Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion and Morality 895Allen, Steve 
More Than a Carpenter 896McDowell 
More than a carpenter 897McDowell, Josh 
More then survivors: God's way of restoration for women 898Sanford 
Morning Star of the Reformation 899Thomson, Andy 
Morris, Samuel - Samuel Morris: The apostle of simple faith 900Whalin, W. Terry 
Moses 901Morris, Toni (Illustr.) 
Moses - A Man of Selfless Dedication 902Swindoll, Charles R. 
Mothers & Sons 904Lush, Jean 
Mousekin Takes a Trip 905Miller, Edna 
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists 906  
Mr. Four Foot Thirteen 907Miller 
Muir, John - Winds in the Woods - Story of John Muir 908Stewart, John 
My Bible ABC Book 909McKissack 
My Bible Dictionary 910Colina 
My Book about God's World 911Mays, Blanche 
My book about Jesus 912Dillard, Polly Hargis 
My Creator, My Friend 913Larson, Bruce 
My Favorite Bible Stories 914Jahsmann 
My Heart, Christ's Home 915Munger, Robert Boyd 
My Life as a Smashed Burrito 916Myers, Bill 
My Mom loves me 917Green 
My utmost for His highes. Updated edition in today' language. 918Chambers, Oswald 
My utmost for His highest. Large print edition. 919Chambers, Oswald 
Nason, Tara - Tara 920Nason, Michael & Donna 
Necessary losses 921Viorst, Judith 
Negative Criticism and What You Can Do About It 922Simon, Sidney 
Nelson's New Compact Illustrated Bible Dictionary 923  
Never Too Late to Dream 924Mains, David 
New English Bible - New Testament 925  
New man for our time 926Trueblood, Elton 
Nine o'clock in the morning 928Bennett, Dennis 
Nitty-gritty of Family Life 929Wilt 
No more excuses: Be the man God made you to be 930Evans, Tony 
No Pat Answers 931Price, Eugenia 
No Pat Answers 932Price, Eugenia 
No tall buildings in Nazareth; parent-child conversations on religion 933Johnson, Tom 
Noah and the Ark 934Berg, Jean Horton 
Noah's dove 935Kuyper, Vicki J. 
Nobody else will listen 936Holmes, Marjorie 
Normal is just a setting on your dryer 937Clairmont, Patsy 
Now you can read ... SAMUEL 938Ife, Elaine 
Nutt, Grady - So far, so good. 939Nutt, Grady 
Obtaining answers to prayer 940Bounds, E. M. 
Of other worlds: Essays and stories 941Lewis, C. S. 
Olson, Bruce - Bruchko 942Olson, Bruce 
On Death and Dying 943Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth 
On the Anvil 944Lucado, Max 
On Your Mark 945Coleman, William 
One Holy Fire 946Cruz, Nicky 
One is a Whole Number 947Sroka, Barbara 
One Spring Day 948Yano, Shigeko 
Onesimus 949Webb, Lance 
Open heart , open home 950Mains, Karen 
Our children are our best friends 951Lee, Mark 
Our Father: Discoveries in the Lord's Prayer 952Weldon 
Out of my bondage 953West, Marion B. 
Out of the jaws 954Dowdy, Homer 
Milford Series #04: Out to Canaan 955Karon, Jan 
Pack Up Your Gloomees in a Great Big Box 956Johnson, Barbara 
Parables of Peter Rabbit #1: Friends 958  
Paradox of guilt 959France, Malcolm 
Parenting in the Pew 960Castleman, Robbie 
Parenting Isn't for Cowards 961Dobson, James 
Parenting with Love and Logic 962Cline, Fay 
Partners in prayer 963Maxwell, John 
Pastor Emeritus Service - Al Deutsch 964  
Pastoral care in hospitals 965Kirkwood, Neville 
Paul - Paul: A man of grace and grit 966Swindoll, Charles 
Paul - The apostle: A life of Paul 967Pollack, John 
Paul the Missionary 968Tucker 
Peace from Nervous Suffering 970Weekes, Dr. Claire 
Peace with God 971Graham, Billy 
Peale, Norman Vincent - This incredible century 972Peale, Norman Vincent 
Peer Pressure: Making it work for you 973Lutes, Chris 
People of promise: How to be an authentic believer 979Lupton, J. Daniel 
People of the Lie 980Peck, M. Scott 
People of the Old Testament 981Sprague, Ruth 
People Of the Old Testament 982Sprague 
People of the Way 983Agnew, Edith J. 
Peoplemaking 984Satir, Virginia 
Perfect Peace 985Allen, Charles 
Personal Religious Disciplines 986Gardner 
Peter 987Blackwell 
Peter's first Easter 988Wangerin, Walter Jr. 
Phillip 989Naish 
Picked-On Pat 990Renken, Aleda 
Pictorial bible dictionary 991  
Picture book with Bible stories and presentday stories 992Hook, Frances 
Piercing the darkness 993Peretti, Frank 
Pigs in the parlor: A practical guide to deliverance 994Hammond, Frank 
Pilgrim's Progress 995Bunyan, John 
Pine, prayers & perseverance 996Bolinger, Donna 
Plain Christianity 997Phillips, J. B. 
Plant a geranium in your cranium 998Johnson, Barbara 
Please Don't Feed the Bears 999Richmond 
Please don't stand up in my canoe! 1,000Shaw, Jean 
Pocketful of Rye 1,001Cronin, A. J. 
Poems and prayers for the very young 1,002Alexander, Martha 
Poems for a good and happy life 1,003Grant, Myrna 
Pontius Pilate 1,004Maier, Paul L. 
Pornography: A human tragedy 1,005Colson, Charles 
Pornography: An American Tragedy 1,006  
Positive power of Jesus Christ 1,007Peale, Norman 
Power for Living. Revised edition. 1,008Buckingham, Jamie 
Power in praise 1,009Carothers, Merlin R. 
Power of positive thinking 1,010Peale, Norman 
Power Surge 1,011Foss, Michael W. 
Power through prayer 1,012Bounds, E. M. 
Pray with your eyes open 1,013Pratt, Richard Jr. 
Prayer 1,014Hallesby, O. 
Prayer 1,015LaHaye, Beverly 
Prayer - the great adventure 1,016Jeremiah, David 
Prayer can change your life 1,017Parker, William 
Prayer that shapes the future: How to pray with power and authority 1,018Long, Brad 
Prayer-based growth groups 1,019Kemp, Charles 
Prayer: Finding the heart's true home 1,020Foster, Richard 
Prayers 1,021Quoist, Michel 
Prayers and Graces 1,022Jones 
Prayers for Children 1,023  
Prayers that avail much 1,024  
Praying the bible for your children 1,025Kopp, David and Heather 
Precious Moments: Stories from the Bible 1,026Haan, Sheri Dunham 
Precious Moments: Through-the-Day Stories 1,027Beers, V. Gilbert 
Preparing for adolescence 1,030Dobson, James 
Presbyterians. A spiritual journey. 1,031Wierenga, Dirk 
Price, Michelle - Michelle 1,032Phillips, Carolyn 
Priceless Gift 1,033Rice 
Prince Caspian 1,034Lewis, C. S. 
Prison to praise 1,035Carothers, Merlin R. 
Pro Life answers to Pro Choice arguments 1,036Alcorn, Randy 
Prodigals and Those Who Love Them 1,037Graham, Ruth 
Promises Worth Keeping: Leadership Training Video 1,038  
Prophet 1,039Peretti, Frank 
Prophets 1,040Brandt, Leslie F. 
Proverbs for graduates 1,041Earles, Brent 
Psalms for Modern Man. Today's English Version 1,042  
Psalms in Other Words 1,043Van Zeller, Dom 
Psalms of Lament 1,044Weems, Ann 
Pulling together when you are pulled apart 1,045Briscoe, Stuart and Jill 
Purpose driven Youth ministry 1,046Fields, Doug 
Put on a happy face 1,047Murphey, Cecil 
Quayle, Dan - Standing Firm: A vice-presidential memoire 1,048Quayle, Dan 
Questions New Christians ask 1,049Wood, Barbara 
Questions? Answers! 1,050Becker, Verne 
Racing Toward 2001: The Forces Shaping America's religious future 1,055Chandler, Russell 
Ragman and other cries of faith 1,056Wangerin, Walter, Jr. 
Raising the standard: Claiming our world for God. 1,057Carman 
Raising the Standard: Reclaiming our World for God 1,058Carman 
Random acts of kindness 1,059  
Reach Out (Living New Testament) 1,060  
Reaching for the Rim 1,061Alexon, Bill 
Reaching out: The three movements of the spiritual life 1,062Nouwen, Henri 
Reader's Digest Family Guide to the Bible 1,063  
Reader's Digest: Great People of the Bible and how they lived 1,064  
Reader's Digest: Mysteries of the Bible 1,065Guiness, Alma E. (Editor) 
Real Christianity 1,066Wilberforce, William 
Real Heroes Wear Jeans 1,067Hansel, Tim 
Real Winners 1,068Gayle, Shawn 
Rebellious Rebecca 1,069Ranger, Mary 
Rebuilder's Guide 1,070  
RED, The Circle 1,071Dekker, Ted 
Redeeming Love 1,072Rivers, Francine 
Redemption 1,073Kingsbury, Karen 
Reinventing Evangelism 1,074Posterski, Donald C. 
Rejoice 1,075Kingsbury, Karen 
Relational revolution 1,076Larson, Bruce 
Releasing the prayer annointing 1,077Lea, Dr. Larry 
Relief for Hurting Parents 1,078Scott, Buddy 
Remember 1,079Kingsbury, Karen 
Renewed Mind 1,080Christenson, Larry 
Resident Aliens 1,081Hauerwas, Stanley 
Resurrection 1,082Lucado, Max 
Return 1,083Kingsbury, Karen 
Return from Tomorrow/My Glimpse of Eternity by Malz 1,084Ritchie, Sherrill 
Reunion 1,085Kingsbury, Karen 
Revelation of John I 1,086Barcley, William 
Revelation of John II 1,087Barclay, William 
Revolution in world missions: Final thrust to reach the 10/40 window 1,088Yohannan, K. P. 
Right Here, Right Now 1,089Carstens, Christopher 
Right sizing your life: The up side of slowing down 1,090Patterson, Philip 
Ritchie, George - Return from Tomorrow 1,092Ritchie, George 
Roaring lambs: A gentle plan to radically change your world 1,093Briner, Bob 
Rock and Roll 1,094Bill, J. Brent 
Rock's Primal Scream 1,095Greenwald, Gary 
Roses for Mama 1,096Oke, Janette 
Rumors of Another World 1,097Yancey, Philip 
Ruth-Woman of Courage 1,098Parris, Paula Jordon 
Ruth: A love story 1,099Traylor, Ellen 
Ruth: A novel 1,100Henderson, Lois T. 
Ryan, Nolan - Miracle Man 1,101Ryan, Nolan 
Sacramental Cocoa: and Other Stories from the Parish of the Poor. 1,102Perry, Lynn E. 
Sadler, Robert - Help me remember ... Help me forget 1,103Sadler, Robert 
Safe at home 1,104Muzikowski, Bob 
Safe Within Your Love 1,105Smith, Hannah W. 
Saint Augustine - Confessions 1,106Saint Augustine 
Samuel 1,107Ife 
Sanctity of Life: the inescapable issue 1,108Swindoll, Charles 
Sanctity of Life: The inescapable issue 1,109Swindoll, Charles 
Santa, Are You For Real? 1,110Myra 
Saying What You Mean 1,111Wilt 
Scared to Life 1,112Rumford, Douglas 
Schuller, Carol - In the shadow of his wings 1,113Schuller, Carol 
Scout 1,114Nye, Julie 
Season of Blessing 1,115LaHaye, Beverly 
Seasons of Reflection - NIV in 365 Daily Readings 1,116  
Seasons under Heaven: Book one 1,117LaHaye, Beverly 
Seasons under heaven: Book one. 1,118LaHaye, Beverly 
Second Touch 1,119Thoene, Bodie 
Second Touch 1,120Thoene, Bodie 
Secret baseball challenge 1,129Jenkins, Jerry 
Secrets of the vine: Breaki ng through to abundance 1,130Wilkinson, Bruce 
See and ye shall find 1,131Berry, Michael 
Seeds of Sensitivity 1,132Wicks, Robert 
Seek and Find 1,133Sattgast, L. J. 
Seize the Moment: A Man and His Church and Unity 1,134McCartney, Bill 
Seize the Moment: A Man and His Family 1,135Gary Smalley 
Seize the Moment: A Man's Personal Worship 1,136Hayford, Jack 
Seize the Moment: Promise Keepers and Racial Reconcile 1,137McCartney, Bill 
Seize the moment: The Great Commandment & Commission 1,138Stowell, Joseph Dr. 
Seize the Moment: The Power of a Promise 1,139Swindoll, Chuck 
Self-Esteem 1,140Clarke, Jean Illsley 
Servants of the word 1,141Smart, James 
Services for occasions of pastoral care - Supplemental Liturgical Resource 1,142  
Seven from Heaven 1,143McCaughey, Kenny 
Seven promises of a promise keeper 1,144  
Shattered Dreams 1,146Crabb, Larry 
Shea, G. B. - Songs That Lift the Heart and Then Sings My Soul 1,147Shea, Gorge B. 
Short History of Christianity 1,149Mary, Martin 
Showdown 1,150Dekker, Ted 
Showers in season: Book two. 1,151LaHaye, Beverly 
Silent Crisis - Famine in Southern Africa 1,152Presb. Disaster Assistance 
Silent spring 1,153Carson, Rachel 
Silver Chalice 1,154Costain, Thomas 
Sincerely .... Gigi. 1,155Tchividjian, Gigi 
Single & Whole 1,156Taylor, Rhena 
Sipping Saints 1,157Wilkerson, David 
Sitting by my laughing fire ... 1,158Graham, Ruth Bell 
Six hours one Friday: Anchoring to the Power of the Cross 1,159Lucado, Max 
Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and Moral Decline 1,160Bork, Robert 
Smart kids, stupid choices 1,161Leman, Dr. Kevin 
So What Do I Do Now 1,162Groten, Dallas 
So What's the Difference 1,163Ridenour, Fritz 
Some Summer! 1,164Vandevenne, Jean 
Someone To Love 1,165Lashbrook 
Song of Abraham 1,168Traylor, Ellen 
Soon. The beginning of the end. 1,169Jenkins, Jerry 
Soon. The beginning of the End. 1,170Jenkins, Jerry 
Sophie's heart 1,171Wick, Lori 
Soul Tracker 1,172Myers, Bill 
Speaking the Truth in Love 1,173Koch, Ruth N. 
Speechless. Living in awe of God's disruptive grace 1,174Chapman, Steven 
Spiritual Authority 1,175Nee, Watchman 
Spiritual journaling: Recording your journey toward God 1,176Peace, Richard 
Spiritual literacy: Reading the sacred in everyday life 1,177Brussat, Frederic & Mary Ann 
Spiritual warfare 1,178Harper, Michael 
Spirituality of liberation 1,179Sobrino, Jon 
Splashes of Joy in the cesspoles of life 1,180Johnson, Barbara 
Splashes of Joy in the Cesspools of Life 1,181Johnson, Barbara 
St. John in Exile 1,183Jones, Dean 
Stages: The art of living the unexpected 1,184Claypool, John 
Star over Bethlehem 1,185  
Star Song: Summer '93 Summer Free 1,186  
Stay Alive All your Life 1,187Peale, Norman 
Stedfast: Guardian Angel. 1,188Elwood, Roger 
Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy! 1,189Johnson, Barbara 
Stories I couldn't tell while I was a pastor / Just along as I'm riding ... 1,190McIver, Bruce 
Stories of Jesus 1,191Dudley-Smith 
Storm Warning 1,192Graham, Billy 
Story of Baby Jesus 1,202Davidson 
Story of Christmas 1,203Lownebein 
Story of the Bible World 1,204Keyes, Nelson 
Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives 1,206Dobson, James 
Straightforward: Why wait till marriage? 1,207Tomczak, Larry 
Strategies for a Successful Marriage 1,208Wagner, E. Glenn Ph.D 
Struggling for Wholeness 1,209Kiemel Anderson, Ann 
Summer promise 1,210Gunn, Robin 
Sunrise to starlight 1,211Detherage, May 
Surprised by suffering 1,224Sproul, RC 
Surrogate Mother 1,225Keane, Noel 
Take another look at guidance 1,226Mumford, Bob 
Take the High Road 1,228Fields, WJ (editor) 
Taking God Seriously 1,229Briscoe 
Tales from Grace Chapel Inn: Back Home Again 1,230Carlson, Melody 
Tales from Grace Chapel Inn: Going to the Chapel 1,231Kelly, Rebecca 
Tame Your Fears 1,233Kent, Carol 
Taste of New Wine 1,234Miller, Keith 
Teach me to pray 1,237Sangster, W. E. 
Teaching your child how to pray 1,238Evans, Colleen 
Telchin, Stan - Betrayed! 1,239Telcin, Stan 
Ten Boom, Corrie - Prison Letters 1,240Ten Boom, Corrie 
Ten Boom, Corrie - The hiding place 1,241Ten Boom, Corrie 
Ten Boom, Corrie - Tramp for the Lord 1,242Ten Boom, Corrie 
Thane, Elswyth - Strength of the hills 1,243Thane, Elswyth 
Thank God for Circles 1,244Marxhausen 
Thank God I'm a Teenager 1,245Mueller 
Thank you 1,246Reece, Collen L. 
Thank you God for Spring 1,247Moncure, Jane Belk 
Thank you God for Summer 1,248Moncure 
Thank you Lord for Me 1,249Moncure, Belk 
Thank you, God, for Fall 1,250Moncure 
Thank you, God, for Winter 1,251Moncure, Jane Belk 
The 7 secrets of effective fathers 1,252Canfield, Ken 
The ABC's of Christian faith 1,253Smart, James 
The Abingdon Bible Commentary 1,254Eiselen, F. (editor) 
The Acts of the Apostles 1,255Barclay, William 
The Adventure of Being a Wife 1,256Peale, Mrs. Norman V. 
The anointing 1,261Hinn, Benny 
The Antichrist is Born Rising 1,262LaHaye, Tim 
The Approaching Crisis in ghe Middle East #1 1,263Walvoord, John Dr. 
The atonement child 1,264Rivers, Francine 
The Bereaved Parent 1,270Schiff, Harriet 
The best news ever 1,271Guild, Daniel 
The best of Florence Littauer 1,272Heavilin, Marilyn 
The Bethlehem Inn: And Other Stories 1,273Meek, Frederick 
The Betrayal 1,274Lewis, Beverly 
The Bible ... in the beginning 1,275  
The bible code 1,276Drosnin, Michael 
The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes 1,277Taylor, Kenneth 
The Bible Read-To-Me 123 Book 1,278McKenzie, Joy 
The Bible Story 1,279Neil, William 
The Bible Story, Vol. #1 - Vol. #10 1,280  
The Bible: Vol IV, The Passion 1,281Heston, Charles 
The Birth Order Book 1,282Leman, Kevin Dr. 
The Blessing 1,283Smalley, Gary 
The body: Being light in darkness 1,284Colson, Charles 
The book of hours 1,285Bunn, T. Davies 
The Bradleys and the Mysterious Letter 1,286Palmer, Bernard 
The Bridge 1,287Massi, Jeri 
The Camel Boy 1,288Hines, William 
The case for faith 1,289Strobel, Lee 
The certainty of Spring: poems by a Guatemalan in exile 1,290Esquivel, Julia 
The chairman 1,291Kraus, Harry Lee, Jr. 
The Children's ABC Christmas 1,292McKissac, Patricia 
The Children's Bible: The Old Testament. The New Testament. 1,293  
The Children't Bible: Volume I 1,294  
The choice to be human: Jesus alive in the gospel of Matthew 1,295Kennedy, Eugene 
The Christian in mid-life 1,296White Jerry 
The Christian's secret of a happy life 1,297Smith, Hannah Whitehall 
The Christmas Stories of George MacDonald 1,298MacDonald, George 
The Christmas story 1,299  
The Christmas Story with Ruth J. Morehead's Holy Babes 1,300Morehead, Ruth J. 
The Church God Blesses 1,301Cymbala, Jim 
The Church, Learning About God's People 1,302Matthews 
The Cocooning 1,303Kautz, Sue Ann 
The Coming Economic Earthquake 1,304Burkett, Larry 
The coming Revival: America's Call to Fast, Pray and "Seek God's Face" 1,305Bright, Bill 
The Coming World Dictator - Questions and Answers 1,306Walvoord, Dr. John 
The compassionate Congregation 1,307Mulder, Karen 
The complete angel 1,308Pruitt, James 
The Complete Bible: An American Translation 1,309Powis Smith, J. M. 
The complete book of Christian prayer 1,310  
The complete works of E. M. Bounds on prayer 1,311Bounds, E. M. 
The Confession 1,312Lewis, Beverly 
The Covenant 1,313Lewis, Beverly 
The Cranky Blue Crab 1,314Watkins 
The day Christ died 1,316Bishop, Jim 
The Day Christ was Born/The Day Christ Died 1,317Bishop, Jim 
The De-Valuing of America 1,318Bennett, William J. 
The Divine Antidote 1,319Frangipane, Francis 
The divine yes 1,320Jones, E. Stanley 
The DMZ 1,321Windle, Jeanette 
The Easter cave 1,326Wedeven, Carol 
The Easter Cave 1,327Wedeven, Carol 
The epistle of Paul the apostle to the Ephesians 1,330Greene, Oliver 
The epistle of the Hebrews 1,331Pfeiffer, Charles 
The Europa Conspiracy 1,332LaHaye, Tim 
The Everyday Evangelist 1,333McIntosh, Duncan 
The fierce goodbye: Hope in the wake of suicide 1,334Carr, G. Lloyd 
The First Christman 1,335Anderson 
The first step Bible Seek and Find Learning Book 1,336Sattgast, L. J. 
The Fisherman 1,337Huntsberger, Larry 
The Five Love Languages for Teenagers 1,338Chapman, Gary 
The five love languages: How to express heartfelt commitment to your mate 1,339Chapman, Gary 
The five people you meet in heaven 1,340Albom, Mitch 
The Fourth Millenium 1,342Meier, Paul 
The friendships of women 1,343Brestin, Dee 
The Garden and the Wilderness 1,344  
The Gates of Zion 1,345Thoene, Bodie 
The God I love 1,346Eareckson-Tada, Joni 
The God of all comfort 1,347Smith, Hannah W. 
The God who is there 1,348Schaeffer, Francis 
The Good Samaritan 1,349Blyton, Enid 
The Gospel of John 1,356Barclay, William 
The Gospel of Luke 1,357Barclay, William 
The Gospel of Mark 1,358Barclay, William 
The Gospel of Matthew I 1,359Barclay, William 
The Gospel of Matthew II 1,360Barclay, William 
The great divide 1,361Bunn, T. Davies 
The Greatest Gift 1,373Mattozzi 
The Greatest is Love - Living New Testament 1,374  
The happy housewife 1,375Baker, Elizabeth 
The happy room 1,376Palmer, Catherine 
The Hawk that dare not hunt by day 1,377O'Dell, Scott 
The healing of America 1,378Williamson, Marianne 
The healing path 1,379Allender, Dan B. 
The Healing Quilt 1,380Snelling, Lauraine 
The heart of a godly man 1,381Wagner, E. Glenn 
The Hiding Place 1,382Corrie ten Boom 
The Holy Land: An Incredible Journey 1,383  
The holy spirit 1,384Graham, Billy 
The Home Has a Heart 1,385Bjorn, Thyrra Ferre 
The Home Invaders 1,386Wildmon, Donald 
The Horse and His Boy 1,387Lewis, C. S. 
The House of the Lord 1,388Frangipane, Francis 
The house on the Rock 1,389Butterworth, Nick 
The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon 1,390Elkind, David 
The Illuminati 1,391Burkett, Larry 
The imitation of Christ 1,392Kempis, Thomas 
The Ishbane Conspiracy 1,393Alcorn, Randy 
The Jesus I never knew 1,394Yancey, Philip 
The Jesus Style 1,395Erwin, Gayle 
The Key to Everything 1,396Hayford, Jack 
The King's Animals 1,397Hollingsworth 
The King's Animals 1,398Hollingsworth 
The Korean Smile 1,399Kim, H. Edward 
The Last Battle 1,400Lewis, C. S. 
The last hours of Jesus 1,402Gorman, Ralph 
The last sin eater 1,403Rivers, Francine 
The Last Supper - A Living Tableau 1,404  
The Last Supper: A Living Tableau 1,405Delta Presbyterian Church 
The Last Word 1,406Lowry, Mark 
The Letter to the Romans 1,407Barclay, William 
The Letters of James and Peter 1,408Barclay, William 
The Letters of John and Jude 1,409Barclay, William 
The Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians 1,410Barclay, William 
The Letters to Timothy, Titus and Philemon 1,411Barclay, William 
The liberty of obedience 1,412Elliot, Elisabeth 
The Life of Christ 1,413Allen, Charles 
The Life of Jesus Christ - Volume #01 1,414  
The Life of Jesus Christ - Volume #02 1,415  
The Lifted Lamp 1,416Crowell, Grace Noll 
The light beyond 1,417Moody, Raymond Jr., MD 
The light that was dark 1,418Smith, Warren 
The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe 1,420Lewis, C. S. 
The Live Adventure 1,421Chapman 
The Lord Is My Shepherd 1,422Shrikey, Albert 
The Lost Sheep 1,423Butterworth 
The Love Hunger Action Plan 1,424Sneed, Sharon 
The Magician's Nephew 1,425Lewis, C. S. 
The Making of the Bible 1,426Barclay, William 
The man caught by a fish 1,427Brem, M. M. 
The man in the mirror: Solving the 24 problems men face 1,428Morley, Patrick 
The Man Jesus 1,429Koenig, Norma 
The Master Plan of Evangelism 1,430Coleman, Robert E. 
The meaning and mystery of the resurrection 1,431Kepler, Thomas 
The Messiah 1,432Holmes, Marjorie 
The mighty acts of God 1,433Rhodes, Arnold B. 
The Missing Generation 1,435Bast, Robert L. 
The mystery of God's will: What does He want for me? 1,436Swindoll, Charles 
The New Millenium 1,437Robertson, Pat 
The New World Order 1,438Robertson, Pat 
The New You: Straight Answers to Tough Questions 1,439Myra, Harold 
The Next Place 1,440Hanson, Warren 
The Night before Christmas 1,441Moore, Clement Clarke 
The Oath 1,442Peretti, Frank 
The One and Only You 1,443Larson, Bruce 
The oracle 1,444Traylor, Ellen 
The orphan train trilogy 1,445Peart, Jane 
The Passion of Christ 1,446Mel Gibson 
The peace mongers 1,447Culver, Robert 
The phenomenon of obedience 1,448Esses, Michael 
The pineapple story: How to conquer anger. 1,449  
The Place of Immunity 1,450Frangipane, Francis 
The Plain Man's Book of Prayers 1,451Barclay, Williams 
The poisonwood Bible 1,452Kingsolver, Barbara 
The Positive Family 1,453Schuller, Arvella 
The Postcard 1,454Lewis, Beverly 
The Power and Blessing 1,455Hayford 
The Power of a Praying Parent 1,456Omartian, Stormie 
The Power of a Promise Kept: Life Stories by Gregg Lewis 1,458Lewis, Gregg 
The power of story: Discovering the ... way to reach people for Christ 1,459Ford, Leighton 
The practice of the presence of God 1,460Brother Lawrence 
The prayer experiment 1,461Dennis, Jay 
The prayer of Jabez 1,462Wilkinson, Bruce 
The Prayers of Peter Marshall 1,463Marshall, Peter 
The Preacher's Daughter 1,464Lewis, Beverly 
The Precious Pearl 1,465Butterworth 
The President 1,466Hudson, Parker 
The Pressure's Off 1,467Crabb, Larry 
The Priest 1,468Rivers, Francine 
The Prince, Jonathan ... 1,469Rivers, Francine 
The Princeton Seminary Catalogue 1,470  
The Prodigal 1,471Hughes, Philip 
The Prodigal 1,472  
The Prodigal 1,473Lewis, Beverly 
The Purpose Driven Life 1,474Warren, Rick 
The Rapture of Canaan 1,475Reynolds, Sheri 
The Reckoning 1,476Lewis, Beverly 
The reluctant prophet 1,477Bunn, T. Davis 
The Revelation 1,478Lewis, Beverly 
The revelation of Jesus Christ - Volume I 1,479  
The revelation of Jesus Christ - Volume II 1,480  
The Rise of Babylon: Signs of the end times 1,481Dyer, Charles 
The road to Armageddon 1,482Swindoll, Charles 
The Robe 1,483Douglas, Lloyd 
The Sacrifice 1,484Whitlow, Robert 
The Sacrifice 1,485Lewis, Beverly 
The Saints Among Us 1,486Gallup, George 
The Screwtape Letters 1,487Lewis, C. S. 
The Search for the twelve Apostles 1,488McBirnie, William 
The Search for the Twelve Apostles 1,489McBernie, William 
The Second Decade of Love 1,490Johnson/Yorkey 
The Senator's Agenda 1,491Larson, Bob 
The Shepherd 1,493Girzone, Joseph 
The Shepherd Kings 1,494Danielson, Peter 
The Shunning 1,495Lewis, Beverly 
The Silver Chair 1,496Lewis, C. S. 
The single experience 1,497Miller, Keith 
The six miracles of Calvary: Unveiling the story of the resurrection 1,498Nicholson, William R. 
The soul of Celtic spirituality in the lives of its Saints 1,499Mitton, Michael 
The spirit-controlled woman 1,500LaHaye, Beverly 
The spouse gap 1,501Lee/Casebier 
The Stolen Years 1,502Repp, Gloria 
The story of Baby Jesus 1,504Davidson, Alice Joyce 
The Story of Christmas 1,505McCaughrean 
The story of Christmas for Children 1,506Kuse, James (Publisher) 
The story of Christmas for Children 1,507Wiersum, Beverly Ray 
The story of creation 1,508Hewitt, Doug 
The story of Easter for children 1,509Wiersum, Beverly Bay 
The story of Esther 1,510Davidson 
The Story of Jonah 1,511Davidson, Alice Joyce 
The story of Jonah 1,512Davidson 
The story of Jonah 1,513Davidson, Alice Joyce 
The story of loaves and fishes 1,514Davidson, Alice Joyce 
The Strand 1,515Vaugh, Ellen 
The Stress Factor 1,516Minirth, Frank M.D. 
The Summer of Peter and Pam 1,517Reece, Colleen 
The surprising years: Understanding your changing adolescent 1,518  
The tale of three trees 1,519Hunt, Angela 
The Ten Commandments - The Significance of God's Law in Everyday Life 1,520Schlesinger, Laura Dr. 
The Ten Commandments for Today 1,521Barclay, Williams 
The tender years 1,522Oke, Janette 
The Third Millenium 1,523Meier, Paul 
The Thor Conspiracy 1,524Burkett, Larry 
The Three Battlegrounds 1,525Frangipane, Francis 
The Transforming Presence of the Holy Spirit 1,526David, Jeremiah Dr. 
The Treasure of Pelican Cove 1,527Howard, Milly 
The Trial 1,528Whitlow, Robert 
The Truths We Must Believe 1,529Thurman, Dr. Chris 
The Two Sons 1,530Butterworth 
The Ultimatum 1,531Bunn, T. Davies 
The unseen essential: A story for our troubled times 1,532Gills, James, M.D. 
The Very Special Baby: Christmas Story for the Very Young 1,533Woodard, Carol 
The very special baby: Christmas story for the very young 1,534Woodard, Carol 
The virtues of Aging 1,535Carter, Jimmy 
The Visitation 1,536Peretti, Frank 
The Visual Bible: ACTS 1,537  
The Vocabulary of the Church 1,538White, Richard 
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 1,539Lewis, C. S. 
The wager 1,540Myers, Bill 
The Wall That Did Not Fall 1,541Lashbrook 
The warning 1,542Bunn, T. Davis 
The Warrior 1,543Rivers, Francine 
The Weigh Down Diet 1,544Shamblin, Gwen 
The weird soccer match 1,545Jenkins, Jerry 
The Whole Christian: How you can find physical, mental and spiritual health 1,546Skoglund, Elizabeth 
The Will of God 1,547Weatherhead, Leslie 
The wonderful spirit filled life 1,548Stanley, Charles 
The Wonderful World of Korean Food 1,549  
Theodore Bump: What's In Your Trunk? 1,550Lovik, C. J. 
There is still love 1,551Martin, Malachi 
They saw the Lord 1,553Spencer, Bonnell 
Thieves 1,554Noton, T. A. 
This is the Holy Land 1,555Sheen, Fulton 
This Seed of Faith 1,557Battenhouse, Henry 
Thomas, Dave - Well Done! 1,558Thomas, Dave 
Thomas, Tay - My war with worry 1,559Thomas, Tay 
Those who love: A biographical novel of Abigail and John Adams 1,560Stone, Irving 
Though none go with me 1,561Jenkins, Jerry B. 
THR3E 1,562Dekker, Ted 
Threatened with resurrection 1,564Esquivel, Julia 
Three Christmas Journeys 1,565Willoughby, Ro 
Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back 1,566Swindoll, Charles 
Threshold 1,567Myers, Bill 
Thunder from Jerusalem 1,568Thoene, Body 
Thunder of Heaven 1,569Dekker, Ted 
Till armageddon 1,570Graham, Billy 
Time to get serious: Daily devotions to keep you close to God 1,571Evans, Tony 
Times and season. Book three. 1,572LaHaye, Beverly 
To Bad, Ahab 1,576Lashbrook 
Today I feel like a warm fuzzy 1,577Coleman, William 
Today I feel loved 1,578Coleman, William 
Too busy not to pray 1,579Hybels 
Too much holly, not enough holy? 1,580Wilson, Patricia 
Tough and tender 1,581Landorf, Joyce 
Tough and tender 1,582Landorf, Joyce 
Tough and Tender & Change Points 1,583Landorf, Joyce 
Tough times never last 1,584Schuller, Robert 
Traveling light: releasing the burdens you were never intended to bear 1,585Lucado, Max 
Treasure in the Yukon 1,586Massi, Jeri 
Treasurers from Bible times 1,587Millard, Alan 
Treasures from bible times 1,588Millard, Alan 
Treasury of Religious Verse 1,589Kauffman, Donald, Comp. 
Trouble With Heaven 1,590Cooley, Leland 
Trout, Mike - The heart of America 1,591Trout, Mike 
Tuesdays with Morrie 1,592Album, Mitch 
Turning needs to deeds 1,593  
Turning Points 1,594Smoke, Jim 
Twelve Ordinary Men 1,595MacArthur, John 
Two from Galilee 1,596Holmes, Marjorie 
Two Lads & a Dad 1,597Lashbrook 
Two-Part Invention 1,598L'Engle, Madeleine 
Unafraid (Mary) 1,599Rivers, Francine 
Unashamed (Rahab) 1,600Rivers, Francine 
Under His Wings 1,601Clairmont, Patsy 
Understanding the Occult 1,602McDowell, Josh 
Unhappy secrets of the Christian life 1,603Yancey, Philip 
Unmasking the New Age 1,604Groothuis, Douglas 
Unshaken (Ruth) 1,605Rivers, Francine 
Unsinkable Rock 1,606Miller 
Unspoken (Bathsheba) 1,607Rivers, Francine 
Until the day break 1,608Bell, Sallie Lee 
Unto the hills 1,609Graham, Billy 
Unveiled (Tamar) 1,610Rivers, Francine 
Up From Depression 1,611Cammer, Leonard M.D. 
Van Stone, Doris - Dorie: The girl nobody loved 1,612Van Stoen, Doris 
Vandenberg, Andre - A nickel's worth of hope 1,613Vandenberg, Andre 
Veggie Tales: A Snoodle's Tale 1,614  
Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol. 1,616  
Veggie Tales: Duke and the great Pie War 1,619  
Veggie Tales: Lord of the Beans 1,627  
Veggie Tales: Minnesota Cuke 1,630  
Veggie Tales: The Toy That Saved Christmas 1,636  
Vitality of Traditional Korean Music 1,640  
Walking and leaping 1,641Carothers, Merlin R. 
Walking on Water 1,642Brouwer, Wayne 
Walking Taylor home 1,643Schrauger, Brian 
Walking with Christ in the details of life 1,644Morley, Patrick 
Walsh, Sheila - Honestly 1,645Walsh, Sheila 
Walter, Norman & Rita - No shadow of turning 1,646Walter, Norman & Rita 
Waters, Ethel - Ethel Waters: I touched a Sparrow 1,647Knaak, Twila 
We Let Our Son Die 1,648Parker, Larry 
We say our prayers 1,649Hooper 
We thank God for our animal friends 1,650Jackson, Molly 
We Thank God for the Clothes We Wear 1,651Jackson. Molly 
We will be a shelter for eachother 1,652Pensacola Children's Chorus 
Web of life 1,653Storer, John 
Webster's seventh new collegiate dictionary 1,654  
What Dads need to know about fathering 1,655Dobson, James 
What Do You Say To a Hungry World? 1,656Mooneyham, W. Stanley 
What God Does When Men Pray 1,657Peel, William Carr 
What God wants to know 1,658Larson, Bruce 
What happened when Grandma died 1,659Barker, Peggy 
What happens wehn we pray for our families 1,660Christenson, Evelyn 
What happens when God answers 1,661Christenson, Evelyn 
What happens when we die? 1,662Nystrom, Carolyn 
What happens when women pray 1,663Christenson, Evelyn 
What is Faith? 1,664Mueller, Virginia 
What is so amazing about grace? 1,665Yancey, Philip 
What is the Bible? 1,666Nystrom, Carolyn 
What Jesus said about ... 1,667Miller, Stephen M. 
What My Parents Did Right 1,668Gaither, Gloria 
What on Earth's Going to Happen? 1,669Stedman, Ray 
What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do 1,670Cloud, Henry Dr. 
What to do when your Mom or Dad says ... Get Good Grades! 1,671Berry, Joy Wilt 
What wives wish their husbands knew about women 1,672Dobson, James 
What you need to know about the Bible: The Bible in 12 Lessons 1,673Anders, Max 
What's a nice Jewish boy like you doing in the 1st Baptist church? 1,674Friedman, Bob 
What's right, what's wrong in an upside-down world 1,675Hartley, Fred 
When God Doesn's Make Sense 1,676Dobson, James 
When God whispers 1,677Mayhall, Carole 
When heaven weeps (#2 The martyr's song series) 1,678Dekker, Ted 
When Jesus was here 1,679Davis 
When Junior Highs Invade Your Home 1,680Schimmels, Cliff 
When Life becomes a Maze 1,681Mains, David 
When Spending Takes the Place of Feeling 1,682O'Connor, Karen 
When the Last Leaf Falls 1,683Meyers, Bill 
When the Pieces Don't Fit 1,684Gilliland, Glaphre 
When the troops are tired! 1,685Mains, David 
When your friend gets cancer 1,686Harwell, Amy 
When your loved one is dying 1,687Grollman, Earl 
When Your Spouse Dies 1,688Curry 
Where does a mother go to resign? 1,689Johnson, Barbara 
Where is God When it Hurts 1,690Yancey, Philip 
Where Jesus walked 1,691  
Where to find it in the Bible. The ultimate A-Z resource. 1,692Anderson, Ken 
Where's Baby Jesus? 1,693Laughlin, Charlotte 
White 1,694Dekker, Ted 
Who am I, God? 1,695Holmes, Marjorie 
Who Educates Your Child? 1,696Lockerbie 
Who iIs Coming To Our House 1,697Slate, Joseph 
Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Cares? 1,698Kennedy, James D. Ph.D. 
Who speaks for God? 1,699Colson, Charles 
Who, what, when, where 1,700Coleman 
Whom God Hath Joined 1,701Mace, David 
Why Did God Make Zits & Other Disgusting Stuff? 1,702Groseclose, Kel 
Why geese fly farther than eagles: Tales that ignite the imagination 1,703Stromberg, Bob 
Why I believe in life beyond death 1,704Peale, Norman Vincent 
Why men are the way they are 1,705Farrell, Warren, M.D. 
Why should I care? 1,706Grimbol, William 
Why Wait? (What you need to know about the teen sexuality crisis) 1,707McDowell, Josh 
Wild & Wacky and totally true Bible Stories: Vol. I 1,708  
Wild & Wacky and totally true Bible Stories: Vol. II 1,709  
Wild at Heart 1,710Eldridge, John 
Wild at heart: Discovering the secret of a man's soul 1,711Eldredge, John 
Will the real me please stand up? 1,712Powell, John 
Will the real phony please stand up 1,713Barrett, Ethel 
Wings of Joy 1,714Brown, Joan 
Winner Take All 1,715Bunn, T. Davis 
Winning with Christ 1,716Arndt, Rick 
With Christ in the School of Prayer 1,717Murray, Andrew 
With Daring Faith. A biography of Amy Carmichael 1,718Davis, Rebecca 
Woman in the House 1,719Barrett, William 
Women by Design 1,720Swithinbank, Penelope 
Women, Thou art loosed! 1,721Jakes, T. D. 
Wonderful Made 1,722Hummel, Ruth 
Woofy is forgiven and the Prodigal Son 1,723Duncan, Cleo 
Words in Season! Scripture Memory Tools 1,724Stokes 
Words of comfort & cheer 1,725Cowman, Mrs. Charles 
Works of Josephus 1,726Josephus 
World Religions 1,727Susan, Meredith 
World Religions 1,728Meredith, Susan 
World's Religions 1,729Braden 
Worms in my tea and other mixed blessings 1,730Freeman, Becky 
Would you like to know Jesus? 1,731Jefferson, Graham 
Wu, Yuen-Lin - He Holds My Hand 1,732Wu, Yuen-Lin 
Wycliffe Bible Commentary 1,733Pfeiffer (editor) 
Yesterday, today and forever. 1,734Trapp, Maria 
Yielded Bodies 1,735Lee, Robert 
Yorgason, Blaine - One tattered angel 1,736Yorgason, Blaine 
Yosef's Gift of Many Colors 1,737Maxwell 
You Are My Hiding Place 1,738Carmichael, Amy 
You Can Be a Great Parent 1,740Shedd, Charlie 
You Can Become the Person You Want to Be 1,741Schuller, Robert 
You Can Become The Person You Want To Be 1,742Schuller, Robert 
You can experience an authentic life 1,743White, James E. 
You can if you think you can 1,744Peale, Norman 
You Can Witness with Confidence 1,745Rinker, Rosalind 
You Can't Begin Too Soon: Guiding little children to God 1,746Haystead 
You Gotta Keep Dancin' 1,747Hansel, Tim 
You're All Right 1,748Wilt 
You're One Of a Kind 1,749Wilt 
You're someone special 1,750Narramore, Bruce 
Young explorers in the land where Jesus lived 1,751Hammond, Marcia 
Young Israel: A history of the modern nation 1,752Rachleff, Owen 
Young People's Bible Dictionary 1,753Smith, Barbara 
Your Bible and You 1,754Maxwell, Arthur 
Your Finances in Changing 1,755Burkett, Larry 
Your Half of the Apple 1,756Andrews, Gina 
Your Home a Lighthouse: Hosting an Evangelistic Bible Study 1,757Jacks, Bob & Betty 
Your marriage: Making it work. 1,758Rankin, Peg 
Your perfect right: A guide to assertive living 1,759Alberti, Robert 
Street Saints, Renewing America's Cities 1,760Elliot, Barbara J. 
The true Story of the 3 little pigs 1,761Scieszka, John 
Alexander and theTerrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 1,762Viorst, Judith 
A Harry the Dirty Dog Treasury 1,763Zion, Gene 
Memoir of a Misfit - Finding my place in the family of God 1,764Ford, Marcia 
Healing and the Mind 1,765Moyers, Bill 
Give them Wings 1,766Kuykendall, Carol 
Everyone in the Bible 1,767Parker, William 
The Martyr's Song 1,768Dekker, Ted 
Transitioning: Leading your Church through Change 1,772  
The Backup Singer 1,773Huff, Barb 
Sometimes I feel like a BLOB 1,774Barrett, Ethel 
Where Jesus taught 1,775Kinchlow, Ben 
Jesus - Fact or Fiction 1,777  
Inspiration, Hope, Encouragement: Andie's Isle - Six Spiritually Uplifting Musiv Videos 1,778  
Beginning Life Together 1,779Wilkinson, Bruce 
Growing to be like Christ 1,780Ortberg, John 
Beyond the Ordinary 1,781Woolever, Cynthia 
Transforming Congregational Culture 1,782Robinson, Anthony B. 
The Fifth Discipline 1,783Senge, Peter M. 
Sweet Dreams Stories 1,784  
Chessie, The Travelling Man 1,785Houk, Randy 
Ceasar: On Deaf Ears 1,786Spiotta-DiMare, Loren 
Care Bears: The Care Bears Big Wish 1,787Sander, Sonia 
Ben the Postbear 1,788Ottolenghi, Carol 
Remy's Adventure in Paris 1,789  
Jasmine 1,790Houk, Randy 
Shy Little Turtle 1,791Goldsmith, Howard 
My 2 in 1 Animal Picture Dictionary 1,792Parker, Helen 
My Picture Encyclopedia 1,793Phillips, Charles 
Three books in one: My Big Truck / Big Train / Big Rescue Book 1,794  
Amazing Dinosaurs 1,795Williams, Robert 
A Pal for Pugwug 1,796Jenkin-Pearce, Susan 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Video 1 1,797Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Talk 4, 5, 6 1,798Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Talk 7, 11, 12 1,799Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Weekend Retreat 1,800Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Weekend Retreat II 1,801Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Talk 13, 14 1,802Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: A practical introduction to the Christian Faith - Leader Training 1,803Gumbel, Nicky 
Alpha: Why Christmas? 1,804Gumbel, Nicky 
Jesus in Blue Jeans - a practical guide to everyday spirituality 1,805Jones, Laurie Beth 
Becoming a Blessed Church 1,806Standish, N. Graham 
The Toyota Way 1,807Liker, Jeffrey K. 
The Prayer that Changes Everything 1,808Omartian, Stormie 
The Guidepost Handbook of Prayer 1,809Hobe, Phillis 
The Rapture Exposed 1,811Rossing, Barbara R. 
The Theology of the Book of Revelation 1,812Bauckham, Richard 
Questions of Life 1,813Gumbel, Nicky 
The Quiet Heart 1,814Bacher, June Masters 
A Woman After God's Own Heart 1,816George, Elizabeth 
Getting the Love you Want 1,817Hendrix, Harville 
Light for My Path for Women 1,818Hahn, Jennifer (editor) 
The God Chasers 1,819Tenney, Tommy 
The Millenium Matrix 1,820Miller, M. Rex 
Magic Windows: Fairy Tale Magic 1,821Bainbridge, Katie (Editor) 
Manuscript Writing, Grade K-2 1,822  
Math Basics, Grade 2 1,823  
The Cranium Creative Cat Book of Outrageous Fun! 1,824  
Gold Stars: Big Fun Learning Workbook, Ages 5-7 1,825  
Mortimer's First Garden 1,826Wilson, Karma 
Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus 1,827Spangler, Ann 
Prayers from the Heart 1,828Foster, Richard J. 
Ordering Your Private World 1,829MacDonald, Gordon 
Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror 1,830Morley, Patrick 
Safe in the Shepherd's Arms 1,831Lucado, Max 
Listening to the Language of the Bible 1,832Tverberg, Lois 
Bibleman: A Figth for Faith 1,833  
Bibleman: Divided We Fall 1,834  
Buzz & Poppy: The Shy Super Spy 1,835  
Hermie & Friends: Buzby the Misbehaving Bee 1,836  
Hermie & Friends: Webster the Scaredy Spider 1,837  
Paws & Tales: Seeing the Unseen 1,838  
Good Sports Gang: Together We're Better 1,839  
Lead like Jesus 1,840Blanchard, Ken 
What if Jesus had never been born? 1,841Kennedy, D. James 
Classic Bible Story Book 1,842Taylor, Kenneth N. 
A First Bible Story Book 1,843Hoffman, Mary 
Sailing Grace 1,844Otterbacher, John 
I ain't much , baby - but I'm all I've got 1,845Lair, Jess 
Milford Series #03: These green Hills 1,846Karon, Jan 
Fresh Faith 1,847Cymbala, Jim 
Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times 1,848Steinke, Peter L. 
Searching for a Pastor the Presbyterian Way 1,849Foose, Dean E. 
The Bold Alternative 1,850Charles, Gary W. 
When God winks 1,851Rushnell, Squire 
Without a Doubt 1,852Samples, Kenneth Richard 
Hugs for the Hurting 1,853Smith, John William 
The Baby Boomerang 1,854Murren, Doug 
The Shack 1,855Young, WM Paul 
Modern Parables - Video, Study Guide, Leaders Guide 1,856Cinematic Theology 
He's been FAITHFUL 1,857Cymbala, Carol 
The Church of Our Fathers 1,858Bainton, Roland H.